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Details of the urban landscape were isolated and strongly magnified till the loss of quality of the image was visible. An explicit contradiction was set between distance and proximity, photographing the city from high places onto details that, however, are almost illegible. In each picture I put a voyeuristic eye which ironically is frustrated.

At the same time, this was a work about strangeness. The noisy texture that covers the image gives an odd skin to roofs, terraces and tops of buildings, the city seen from above, sites usually unfamiliar. These are austere images, on the threshold of abstraction, suspended.

The process started with the use of high speed film that was then pushed to extreme sensitivity on the development stage, so intensifying the grain. The image was magnified and sliced in the dark room and later digitized, sliced again and digitally manipulated.

2003-2005, 2009 | Academic project continued as personal project.
Gelatin silver print from 35mm black and white negative film. Computer manipulated digital images from 35mm black and white negative film.
First version exhibited in the Cisterna Gallery, collective exhibition under the event LisboaPhoto 2005.