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A place

This is the result of a search for images taken in the same original place. They are portions of a whole which, in fact, binds them. Rather than existing as single images, they describe the atmosphere of that place. We only have pictures similar to memories, they evoke, suggest.

The objects, as inhabitants, are not portrayed, are always just partially seen, as if inviting the gaze to look beyond, outside the image. The objects don't refer so much to themselves as to each other, that is, to the place they all make up. It is left to imagine what is not seen and not told.

This work was an interesting experiment with light and the point of view, usually less than one meter above the ground, as seen from the child we were.

2001 -2002 | Academic project
Gelatin silver print from 35mm black and white negative film.
Exhibited in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, in 2002.